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EFFBE elastomer springs and accessories

  • Marke:EFFBE
  • Modell:Elastomer-springs Serie FB720
  • Tags:EFFBE Elastomer-springs

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    German EFFBE (Effbe) company was founded in 1949. As a company with a long history, Effbe has gained a high reputation in the field of diaphragm and vibration engineering. We strive to preserve this technology while adhering to the company's guiding principle: "We live by, from and for the market". As a member company of the Woco Group, particularly in the Modular Technology segment, we have also realized extensive synergies to strengthen our strong competitive position in automotive applications. However, Effbe's diaphragm engineering is also an important factor in our current and future success in the non-automotive market. In this field we produce diaphragms for every conceivable application. Vibration engineering is another strength of the Effbe Group. Gamma, a specialist company for the development of aerospace bearing systems, complements our expertise in the high-tech sector. Specializing in the production of various rubber diaphragms and rubber seals, it has more than 60 years of professional experience and is the largest manufacturer in Europe.

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+49-511 9170-9151